Bespoke Blinds for your home.

Design the perfect bespoke blinds for your home.

Bespoke Country Themed Blinds

How it works.
The Countryman John system is built around a simple idea.
You should be able to design bespoke, country themed blinds that are made especially to fit the windows of your home.  
The process is simple too.
Simply select your favourite pieces of artwork from our Art Gallery and let us know how you’d like them set out, along with any other specifications you'd like for your blinds including the size of your window recess.
We're here to help design.
We’ll put together a design to your specification and send it to you for approval. When you’re happy with your custom design, we’ll set up your order for custom blinds and ship them directly to your home. Read on to learn more about designing your own country-themed blinds.  
Made to Order
Every blind is made to order and can be supplied with a range of material colours and mechanisms, in black out and non-black out finishes. Simply let us know your preferences on your enquiry form.  

Bespoke Blind Features

From designs, to colors, and everything in between. 
Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements


Select your favorite Country Themed Design

Quick and easy setup


Select your fabric

20D Silicone Coated Nylon Ripstop offers UV resistance and superior waterproofness


Blackout or Non-Blackout

Large door and vestibules


All blinds are supplied with a sidewinder mechanism. Center pull and Electric are available.

How to measure

When ordering your bespoke country-themed blinds,
you'll need to let us know the dimensions of your window and door recesses.
Option 1 - Fit inside the window recess  
The most popular method of mounting blinds is within the window recess.

1. Measure WIDTH ‘A’ between the two walls at each side of the window. Measure the top and bottom of the recess and use the narrowest measurement.

2. Measure DEPTH ‘B’ between the wall above window and top of windowsill. Measure the left and right sides of the recess and use the narrowest measurement.  
Option 2 - Fit outside the window recess
1. Measure WIDTH ‘C’. Remember to allow for overlap each side of the recess. A minimum of 3 inches (7.5 cm) overall is our recommendation.

2. Measure DEPTH ‘D’. Remember to allow for overlap at top and bottom of recess. Just add 5 inches to depth of window.

Popular Compositions

Choosing the perfect design can be tough so we offer a range of pre-designed compositions that have proven to be very popular with our customers to give you some inspiration. All compositions can be customised to suit your window recess and you can add or remove artwork as you choose.  

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Bespoke Blinds,

When you've got an idea of which options and which artwork or theme you would like, submit an enquiry form and we'll create a design proof for your approval. You can make any alterations to your design until you're happy. When you're ready we'll set your order up and, once payment is taken, your blind will be manufactured and shipped out within 10 to 14 working days.